When I used Windows 11 for the first time, I felt that for file explorer is slow and lag.
Compared to Windows 10, it is much slower when you operate on File Explorer (use keys to move, use mouse to click on each folder). This error occurs with almost all computers, not just low-end computers. Anyway, don't worry too much, here is a trick to help you temporarily fix this error on Windows 11.

How to do:

1. Use F11 key to open full screen for File Explorer. You will clearly feel the change in speed after pressing the F11 key.
2. Try to update Windows with latest version.

This is full screen of File Explorer after used F11:

Note: On many articles instructing you to deeply intervene in Windows and Registry to fix this error. But I advise you not to follow (if you are just a normal user). Please use the above technique for temporary use until Microsoft releases the latest update to fix this error.

With a little trick, you can use File Explorer with faster speed (like when you use Windows 10). If you have any question, please contact me. Thank you.