As below is 4 methods from basic to advanced to uninstall updates on Windows 11.

How to uninstall update on Windows 10

Method 1 (Basic): Using Settings

Step 1: Click to Windows icon (in the middle of the screen) > Click Settings.

Step 2: Continue, click Windows Update at the bottom left of the screen > Choose Update history



Step 3: Scroll down and select Uninstall updates. Select the update you want to uninstall.


Choose the update and mouse right "Uninstall"


Method 2 (Basic): Using "wusa"

Step 1: Press Windows key and type Command Prompt. And then click Run as administrator.


Step 2: List recent updates by type command line: wmic qfe list brief/format:table. And hits Enter. The propose of this is to help you find the most recent updates.



Step 3: Type the following command to uninstall the update: wusa /uninstall /kb:[id]. Then hit Enter. A dialog box Windows Updates Standalone Installer will appear, please click Yes. See detail as image below:



Method 3 (Advanced): Using "dism"

Most use "dism" to uninstall the latest update on Windows 10.

Step 1: Press Windows key and type Command Prompt. And then click Run as administrator

Step 2: Enter the following command: dism /online /get-packages


 You can copy Packages listing on notepad for easy find

Step 3: Find the Package Identity with the most recent Install time. And then copy name of Package Identity.

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Step 4: Continue, type & enter the command:  

dism /online /get-packageinfo /packagename:[package_ID]


With this command will help you see in more detail the update that you want to uninstall.


Step 5: Type command line as below to uninstall the update:

dism /Online /Remove-Package /PackageName:[package_ID]


 We must to wait 5-10 minutes to complete


 Type Y to start uninstalling


Check if the update has been uninstalled by command line: wmic qfe list brief/format: table

Method 4 (Advanced): Using Recovery


Step 1: Go to Settings > System > Recovery



Step 2: Find to Advanced startup and then click Restart now.