Feeds/Search application is a process on Windows 10. You can see Feeds/Search Application process in the Task Manager as below:


 Feeds/Search application in Task Manager


This process runs in the background on Windows 10, to be used for the “News and Interests” feature. “News and Interests” feature uses the MSN feed to enable quick access to dynamic content such as headlines, sports, finance, and weather. 

 News and interest feature on Windows 10


This process will still run in the background to update the feed throughout the day. It uses up to 100-150MB of memory on the virtual machines with 4GB, 6GB and 8GB of RAM. In a lot of cases it can use up to 97-100% of the RAM capacity. 


How to fix Feeds using all RAM in Task Manager


However, the memory usage is normally zero when the news and weather feed is not actively looking for new contents or weather forecasts. In addition, you can customize this feature by how to customize News and interests.