Today I will share an Excel trick that you will use often in work and study: How to copy Worksheet from 1 Workbook to another Workbook?

The important thing here is that you will have to copy the entire content and format of that WorkSheet to another Workbook: data, date format, columns, rows, colors... See detailed instructions below.

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How to do:

Step 1: Open all the Workbook that you will be working on.

Step 2: On the Workbook containing the Sheet you want to copy, right-click on that Sheet and select Move or Copy...

Step 3: In the To book section, select the Workbook you want to copy to. As in this example, there are 3 choices as follows:

  • New book: Excel will automatically create a new Workbook and will copy it to this new Workbook.
  • Workbook 1: It will create 1 more Sheet like Sheet 1 at Workbook 1 (this case is like you duplicate 1 sheet at 1 workbook so).
  • Workbook 2: This is the Workbook you have already opened, it will copy Sheet 1 to Workbook 2 (This is the most commonly used option).

Step 4: In the Before sheet section, you can choose where the Sheet will be copied on the Workbook.

You can completely specify which Sheet it is in front of you want. Normally, we would choose (move to end). To easily find the Sheet that we just copied.

Step 5: Click Create a copy. After that click OK to complete.

Important Note:

  • You must open all workbook that you will work with, including the workbook containing needed worksheets, and the workbook you will insert the worksheets to. Otherwise, you will not find out the workbook names in Step 3.
  • You must check the Create a copy option in Move or Copy dialog box, otherwise you will move the selected worksheet out of original workbook.

With this trick, you can copy any sheet to any Excel - Workbook file you want. Very useful, right?