In this article, I will guide you how to enable/turn on Java Script in Mozilla Firefox.
Normally, this function will automatically turn on. However, for some reason it was turned off. In this video, when I log into Gmail. And being told Java Script has been turned off. I can no longer login to Gmail

How to Do:
Please see detail guide video as below to turn on Java Script in Mozilla Firefox.

As guide video, to enable Java Script we need:
  • Step 1: Access to configuration function on Firefox. By typing the following address: “about:config”
  • Step 2: Type "java script" keyword on search box. you find to "javascript.enable" preference name.
  • Step 3: Change value from “false” to “true”.

With 3 steps, you can fix this problem. If you have any questions, please comment below. We will discuss and give the best answer. Thank you everyone.

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