After upgraded Microsoft Edge to latest version. In some cases we can not use Microsoft Edge as usual.
We could not open any page, website via this browser. Beside, received an error message as below:
"This page is having a problem
Try coming back to it later
Error code: status_invalid_image_hash"

With 3 easy steps, we will support you to fix this problem. Please see detail guide as below.

How to Do:
You can see guide video Fix status_invalid_image_hash in Microsoft Edge:


Step 1: Right mouse to Microsoft Edge > Properties

Step 2: Go to Compatibility tab > Change setting for all user

Step 3: Find to Compatibility mode > tick Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows 8

Finished, Apply > OK.
Please re-open Microsoft Edge and use as normally

It is easy to fix status_invalid_image_hash & This page is having a problem in Microsoft Edge, right?
Thank you for reading QTit's article.

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