Hi everyone,
During a new installation or update of Windows 10, you always want to find to download a standard & best version of Windows 10. What does it mean? It is…:

  • Is the most complete version
  • Is the latest updated version
  • Is the safest (no crack, no virus)
  • Is the .ISO format installer
  • Especially the official version is released or downloaded directly from the Microsoft homepage.

Today we will guide you to find and download the Windows 10 installer with all of the above criteria with a few extremely simple steps. Please follow the steps below:

How to Download Windows ISO file from Microsoft


Step 1: Open Google Chrome web browser
Step 2: Go to More tools > select Developer tools. At this point your browser will be in Responsive mode (for mobile devices).

Step 3: Type the keyword "Download Windows 10" on the search box. Please pay attention to the first result returned "Download Windows 10 Disk Image ..." but please pay attention to from the web Microsoft.com offline. Next, click on the resulting link.

Step 4: Select the Windows 10 version in the Select Edition box. Click Confirm

Note: Microsoft currently only supports downloading Windows 10 .ISO files on mobile devices. So we have to perform step number 2. This is a small tip to download Windows 10 directly from Microsoft on your computer.

Step 5: Next, select the language, Windows version 10. Here I choose English language and 64-bit version.

Completed. Windows 10 installer about ~ 6 GB. It takes about 30-60 minutes to complete the download.

With a little tip and few basic steps but not everyone knows. It helps you to get Windows 10 from the Microsoft homepage easily. Most importantly, it is extremely secure and the file does not contain viruses. You can use this ISO file to create USB boot Windows 10. If you do not know how to see the instructions below: 

👉 Create USB Boot Windows 10 Straightforward & Easy to Understand

If there is any difficulty, please comment below. We will answer and assist you in the fastest way.

In addition, if you have any problems with your computer, please contact us directly through the QTitHow fanpage. We will try to help and answer you as soon as possible. Thank you!

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