Hiren's BootCD  is an essential and useful tool for every computer user. It helps you fix Windows errors, access the hard drive, save data, break passwords, create Ghost versions for the computer ... Especially in this article I share with you Hiren's BOOTCD 15.2 full version.
To turn your USB into a USB Hiren's BOOTCD, you need to prepare the following materials:

1. A USB flash drive can be 4GB or larger
2. Grub4dos software
↪ Link download: Download Grub4dos
3. Hiren’s BOOTCD 15.2 version (full option).
↪ Link download: Download Hiren's BootCD 15.2

How to do:

 Video guide Create USB Hiren’s BOOT CD


Step 1: Format USB prepared. Remember to carefully format the USB in FAT32 standard! 

Format USB via FAT32 Standard


Step 2: Run the Grub4dos software that you just downloaded. The software interface is as follows:

GUI of Grub4dos - The purpose of running using this software is to make your USB BOOT possible

On the software Grub4dos, you set the following parameters:

  • Click Refresh in the Disk section to select the correct USB (1).
  • Click Refresh in Part List to select Whole disk (MBR) (2).
  • After making sure to select the correct items above, press the Install button (3). 

Successfully created BOOT for USB


Step 3: Go to the grub4dos folder after extracting the Grub4dos.zip file, copy 2 files named: "grldr" and "menu.lst" and paste into USB.

Copy 2 files "grldr" and "menu.lst" to USB BOOT


Step 4: Unzip Hiren's BOOTCD folder 15.2. Then copy all files in that folder to USB.

USB creation Hiren's BOOTCD has completed (You must have all the files in your USB flash drive as shown in the picture)


Step 5: Plug Hiren's BOOTCD's USB into the computer. Restart the computer and choose to boot with USB. To access the Boot Menu on your computer, see the following instructions:

Shortcut key to access BOOT MENU


After the USB Boot is successful, Hiren's BOOTCD's interface will be as follows:

GUI of Norton Ghost on Hiren's BootCD


Done, above are all 5 easy steps to help you create USB Hiren's BOOTCD. Not too difficult, right. It only takes you 5 minutes to complete the above 5 steps.
If you have any difficulties, please comment in the section below.

In addition, if you have any problems with your computer, please contact us directly through the QTitHow fanpage. We will try to help and answer you as soon as possible. Thank you!

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