New feature - Virtual screen in Windows 11

As you all know, on Windows 11 appears a new feature - Virtual screen (users can use multiple screens at the same time).
This is a completely new function compared to Windows 10. With this feature, users can customize programs and software on different screens. It is extremely useful at work. Help you work more efficiently.

Usually, we will switch between screens by clicking on the Desktop icon at Taskbar and selecting the desired screen. Today QTitHow will show you how to use keyboard shortcuts to quickly switch between screens.

That shortcut is: Windows key + Ctrl + Left or Right (depending on your monitor selection).

Extremely fast and efficient right? With this operation, you do not need to use the mouse but can still switch between screens, helping you to process work faster.

This is an extremely small trick in Windows 11, but for me it is very useful and used a lot when working.