KB5010414 updates on February 15, 2022 updated with a few new features as below. Help Windows 11 become more and more perfect:.

Outstanding Improvements 

1. Weather Widget: You can use Weather feature on the left side of the taskbar if the taskbar is aligned in the center. When you hover over the weather, the Widgets panel will appear on the left side of the screen and will disappear when you stop hovering over the area.
Weather Widget on the left side of Taskbar

2. Microphone: For Microsoft Teams, you can quickly share open application windows directly from your taskbar to a Microsoft Teams call. Beside, you can mute and unmute a Microsoft Teams call from your taskbar. During a call, an active microphone icon will appear on the taskbar so that you can easily mute the audio without having to return to the Microsoft Teams call window.

You can set Microphone on Taskbar 
3. Clock and date on the taskbar: will be display on other monitors when you connect other monitors to your device.

Other Improvements and Fixes

Significant other improvements and fixes are introduced to the Windows 11. You can read deltail about them on release information KB5010414 from Microsoft.


How to update KB5010414

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You can see detail how to get this update by:
1. Check for and install update on Windows 10
2. Download & Install KB5010414 directly from Microsoft Update Catalog. 

How to remove update

You can see detail guide how to remove update on Windows 11

Information about update 

Release Date: February/15/2022