Have you ever had a situation where you have to save all charts or graphs on an Excel report file to a PDF file (not including the content/text on the file)? I have already met.

In many cases you just want to display loud and clear charts/graphs to view and compare them. This article is the solution for you. In this tutorial I will guide you in 2 parts:

Part 1: Save/Export one chart/graph from excel to PDF file
Part 2: Save/Export multiple charts/graphs from Excel to PDF file.

(Note: Before doing this please back up the original excel file.)

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How to do:

Part 1: Instructions to save/export one chart/graph from Excel to PDF

Step 1: Right-click on an empty area on the chart/graph in the Excel file which you want to export it.

Step 2: Select Move Chart... A Move Chart window appears, click New sheet. Then press OK.

Move chart function on Excel

Click New sheet

Step 3: Now the selected chart will be transferred to a new sheet named Chart 1. Next, click File > Save as (Save a copy) > Save as type = "PDF".

One new sheet "Chart 1" be created

Save as type to PDF

Done, you have finished exporting or separately saving a desired chart/graph from an Excel file to a PDF file.

Results:  save/export one chart/graph from Excel to PDF

Part 2: Instructions to save/export multiple charts/graphs from Excel to PDF

Step 1: Please do steps 1 & 2 (of part 1) for all the charts you want to export to PDF file.

Step 2: Click to select all the newly created sheet charts (in the example below choose: chart 1, chart 2).

  1. To select multiple adjacent chart sheets in the Sheet bar, please hold the Shift key and click the first chart sheet and the last chart sheet;
  2. To select multiple non adjacent chart sheets in the Sheet tab bar, please hold the Ctrl key and click each chart sheet one by one.

Step 3: Same as step 3 of part 1.

Done, now all charts/graphs have been saved on the PDF file.

Results: save/export multiple charts/graphs from Excel to PDF


This trick is pretty cool, isn't it, it helps you to export charts/graphs to a pdf file with a large size and very clear display (without text).

Maybe you are interested?