The usual way you save images from an Excel file is to use the Save as copy feature on Excel, is that correct?

However, in case an Excel file has a lot of images and you want to save all those image files in one folder. So what do you have to do to be the best? If you use the Save as copy method one by one, it will take a lot of time and difficulty.

For example, an excel file contains a lot of pictures

As the title of the article "Is it possible? Export all images at once on Excel file" - The answer is YES!

Please read and memorize this trick. The steps are as below.

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How to do:

Step 1: Click File > Save as

Step 2: Select Browse to save the Excel file. A window will appear, do the following:

  • Select location to save
  • Set name the File name
  • In the Save as type section, select Web page. Selecting Web page will help you save all the images on that Excel file in a separate folder.

Step 3: Click Save button. In the popping up Microsoft Excel dialog box, click the Yes button.

And this is the result:

All of images in Excel file will save at image_files folder


Too fast, too easy, right? With only 3 simple steps, this trick helps you to save all images on Excel file quickly and without leaving any image.

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